Can the IRS pursue me as an individual for my business’s tax debt?

Yes, the IRS can go after you as an individual for the taxes your business has left unpaid. This applies especially in cases of small business that are run by their owners as independent contractors or sole proprietorships, but it can also apply to the legally responsible individuals behind registered corporations, S corporations and LLCs. IfContinue reading “Can the IRS pursue me as an individual for my business’s tax debt?”

Tax Debt Myths Debunked´┐╝

Roughly a sixth of the tax money the government has the right to collect goes unpaid. Both individuals and corporations carry a significant amount of tax debt. Tax debt can cause massive amounts of stress for debtors, especially with numerous half-truths and untruths floating around about the topic. Today, we’ll look at some of theContinue reading “Tax Debt Myths Debunked´┐╝”


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